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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

California Memory Collage

From: Heri
Heritage Memories from: October 2006
Location: California

Hi again! :)

I learned something from all my POH hostesses. Can't share every memory, every photo, every heritage memento! But I can share some highlights! For this set of memories? Call it a memory collage. It's my last set of my time in California with Deb. Take a look! :)

A visit to Costco

Also went to what Deb called a hobby store. Look at the great clip art books from Dover (can you see me sitting on the display stand?) and the generations of Smurfs I met there!

I've heard you can find most anything you can think of in online auctions. I didn't bid or spend any money, but I did get to walk a few steps off the sidewalk to visit the outdoor sign of:

Back closer to Deb's neighborhood? Take a look at me sitting on the ground. That's a curb cut so people in wheelchairs can easily get up and down between the streets and the sidewalks. What a good idea! I also heard some bird sounds at an intersection. Deb said that's another thing specially for people with disabilities. If you're blind or partially sighted, that sound tells you when the lights are changing and it's safe to cross the street. Wow. So much to learn about in this world. Deb used a handicapped placard in her car so she could park close to store entrances. Another nice thing for people with disabilities. :)

But with all our traveling around? I pumped gasoline into the car. Then? I sat back on the pump handle while Deb washed her windshield so we could see better. :)

Back at Deb's house, I got to see yet more heritage things. Ready?

Ignore that I'm hanging there from the top of Deb's walking stick and take a look at those two framed prints on the wall. They both have local landmarks in the village and town that Deb grew up in. I even saw the school she went to on one of them!

Also got to look at some vintage family photographs. Seems like all my hosts and hostesses love family photos!

Here I am at a lovely rose garden. There were lots of colors and varieties of roses there - each with their own name. There were signs everywhere telling us what we were looking at. But here, I decided to get up close to these red ones. They smelled great and I was careful not to get any thorns in my paws.

Check out this sheet of Civil War stamps. More history! I saw a lot of commemorative stamps in special albums while at Deb's house. She's also showed me some first day covers where I learned about the special art and history engraved on the envelopes the first day a new US stamp is issued. One of those stamp albums has is all about immigrants Pretty cool! :)

I got to sit in a palm tree! I saw all kinds of trees during my Traveling Heritage Express times, but here it was a surprise to see evergreen trees right next to palm trees! So much to see and learn!

Deb loves to rent tv shows, movies and documentaries on DVDs. They come right to her house! Here I am getting ready to pack one up to stick in the mail.

Here's Deb and I out in front of her house. That's a pyracantha bush behind us. Now that's a mouthful to say! LOL

Here I am with my new shades just shortly before it was time to leave California and travel to North Carolina to meet Mike. That same day, Deb got me my very own credit card and a Parcheesi game that's just my size!

Gotta scamper off now. Til next time!
Your friend,

Heri Visits the Doll Lady

From: Heri
Heriage Memories from: Oct 2006
Location: California

Here's an afternoon of memories I'll never forget. Deb introduced me to Margaret, the Doll Lady. Just to get you in the mood for my adventures at her house?

Ummmmm .. that's me sitting on the feather duster! This doll is real people sized. It's covering up Margaret's vacuum cleaner! :)

With this one, I fit nicely in her doll's pocket!

It's really hard to pick which pics to share with you! Here are four photos that show you that Deb's friend Margaret doesn't live alone. She has - literally - a house of dolls and I met most of them!

I'm on the 3rd shelf from the top. Can you find me?

After sitting and talking with so many dolls, it was nice to be on a swing for a little while! :)

I never would have met all these new friends, if Margaret hadn't opened up her home and heart. Deb's taking the photos, so she's not in the picture. But I spent time with Joan and of course Margaret. Can you believe these two next pictures are what her living room looks like? No one who visits here can sit here in there. It's a room for all her doll friends and they all seemed to be pretty happy about that!

After I'd been through all the rooms in Margaret's house - and met doll friends in every single one of them, we sat at her kitchen table and had a bit to eat. Do you know she even tugged a little to make sure my sweater was on "just right". She's a really nice lady!

Well, before I leave you this time, I'll share one last photo. Margaret brought me back to one of her rooms and showed me how she has software that actually talks to her sewing machine! She makes all kinds of things! Beautiful things!

That's me on her sewing machine. Supervising. LOL

Doesn't Margaret have a lovely smile?

And so ends yet another part of my California Adventures!

Nap time now!
Your little Heri

Heri at Genealogy Library

From: Heri
Heritage Memories from: Sept and Oct 2006
Location: California

More memories to share. This time, it's all about doing something that a lot of my POH hosts and hostesses do all the time: genealogy research!

Hoping for family connections, Deb took me one day to the Santa Clara City Library. She did all the looking and I did a lot of hoping for her! Even though I'm still flying overhead as I write this .. making my long way from England back to Oregon, I can still remember how much we saw that day. Take a look!

I'm sitting on top of a set of books Deb says anyone searching for ancestors in Connecticut is happy to use. They're called the Barbour Collection. I took a peek inside one. Pages of births, marriages and deaths (what Deb says are called vital records.) However, these all happened back in 1600s - early 1800s. Wow!

Deb wanted to check on some microfilm. This library has lots of rolls all lined up in file drawers. I'm sorry to say I didn't help much. As Deb looked for the one she wanted to see, I sat in one of the drawers and rested! LOL

Then it was time to look at some microfiche. Deb found just the one she wanted - images from the Boston Transcript.

I read several genealogy queries written (and answered) back in the 1880s/1890s from all over New England. Yet here we were looking at them! Here's a pic of us at the microfiche reader.

Then we headed back to books again. This time Deb was hoping to find some or any of her German ancestors on board a ship traveling from Germany to the US back in the 1870s. The library has the whole set of Germans to America. We looked and looked and still didn't find her Schmidt, Witt or Krueger ancestors. But she still hopes she'll find the ship one day, so I'll keep my paws crossed for her!

We both needed a break, so we headed out the back door & right into a lifesize metal sculpture of several children. I could have sworn they were real - all holding hands - and circling around. That library has a lot of art & sculpture inside and out. I liked that!

Then, we headed towards the sounds of a water fountain. Yup - lots of trees, water, benches and ducks. Didn't hurt to rest our brains, have something to eat and talk to those ducks for awhile. A nice day.

Think next time, I'll tell you all about my visit to the doll lady. Looking back, I sure did meet all kinds of people during my adventures!

Til next time,
Your traveling Heri

San Francisco Memories

From: Heri
Heritage Memories from: Sept and Oct 2006
Location: California

I was a tourist! Got to visit and explore what they call the City by the Bay. That's another name for San Francisco! :) Deb drove north for just under an hour on a big, wide freeway, then we were there. What a time we had. In fact, think I'll just show you! :)

First up, was Fisherman's Wharf

where you can find some great seafood! You don't even have to go inside the restaurants, the vendor who had all these crabs was right out on the sidewalk. Lots of visitors from all over the world, so as I sat here, I heard lots of different languages. Talked to lots of people!

As we walked there, Deb told me to look down. Seemed a little strange to me to be looking at people's feet, but I did what she asked. Whoa! Another history lesson and we were walking on it.

Did you know that San Francisco was once part of what was known as the Barbary Coast?

Can you see tiny little me sitting on one of San Francisco's famous cable cars? (look on the seat near the 2nd post) Poor Joan, who came along with us that day. Got a photo of her sweatshirt, but not her! Deb says you need to dress in layers when you go to "the city". Lots of wind and fog there. These cars go all over the city - up & down some pretty steep hills. Wheeeeee!

Better to check out the t-shirt than to go to prison! Er .. Alcatraz! One tourist almost picked me up instead of a shirt! :)

And who can go to SF without driving across the Golden Gate Bridge! Deb drove us across San Francisco Bay so we could look back at the city. Kinda like this shot of me and the bridge.

California is on the west coast of the US and we were visiting a city, but here I am with some John Deere tractors! LOL Turns out they have a huge store inside Ghiardelli Square so I took a rest for a minute on the shelf. Saw lots of fun gift shops.

Hmmmm .. wait. Maybe I should consider a hat instead? And who says this ia a dog's food dish? I fit pretty well. Could take a bath or a nap in it - and still say "here's to you, John Deere"! :)

Before we left Cannery Row and Ghirardelli Square, we headed toward the place that's famous for creating .. yes .. you guessed it .. Ghirardelli chocolate! Deb asked the clerk if she wanted to say hi to me - so there she is - with me - and Deb's chocolate. Yummmmmmmm!!!

Thought we were going to head home, but Deb had one more surprise in store for me. We left the area near the SF Bay and headed west again. Drove right through Golden Gate Park - a very big place! But we weren't heading to a lake or park or museum there. We kept going west again. And soon? We ran right to the edge of the country. Hello Pacific Ocean!!!

That's the famous Cliff House waaaaaaay up the beach from where we were. When there are bad storms here, that ocean that's a long way from where I'm sitting comes into shore in big waves - up the beach - up the wall - and right out onto the highway!

Whew! Now, whenever I hear Tony Bennett sing I Left My Heart in San Francisco, I'll know just what he was talking about!

It was a great day. I'll leave you with one more photo. I'm not even in it! As Deb drove across the Golden Gate Bridge - this is what it looked like looking through the car's windshield.

By the way, did you notice the Golden Gate Bridge isn't gold?

Your happy little friend,

Monday, October 29, 2007

Mailbag - Goodbye FL - Hello CA

From: Heri
Memories from Sept 2006
Location: Florida mail then in California with Deb

Remember the days I went to school with Lynn when in Florida? Well, I got a couple of notes I'd like to share. Ready? From my mailbag:

From MizViki: This is so wonderful that Heri is getting in at 'just the right time' for you and your students to be able to enjoy him. It think it's great that other teachers are getting into it, too! It sounds like he is quite the 'hit'!

From Liz: It was nice to hear from you. Sounds like you are having a nice time with all the kids and Miss Lynn. Now you are an educated bear. Have fun at the beach. Anyone know where to get Heri some swim trunks?

And now to my travel memories!

I arrived safe and sound in northern California on 2 Sept 2006. Said hello to yet another POH Hostess, Deb. She's the one that's been sending all my journalings and other folk's photos/stories out in this blog so it was nice to finally meet her in person.

Made many new friends at Deb's house ..

Who wouldn't like these upbeat guys SNAP -- CRACKLE -- POP

or this wonderful 1950s GAL I met!

Because of this fellow I met, there's lots of CHICKEN in the world.


Met a celebrity - one of the famous California Raisins

These guys taught me that it's good to exercise! They said their names are The Kool Aid Kids"

Deb says she had a cocker spaniel when she was a kid named Taffy that looked almost like this one. Cute little guy!

Til next time,
Heri Poh
(who loved meeting all these critters!)

My first hurricane!

From: Heri
Memories from: late August 2006
Location: in Florida with Lynn

I've heard the word hurricane but never experienced it for myself!

  • The news came. Ernesto was heading right for us! (Human beings give names to hurricanes, did you know that?)
  • We prepared. I helped! :) Then, we waited. And checked out developing news.
  • "Ernesto was a bust". That was a direct quote from Lynn!

    Here's a newspaper story all about Ernesto.

    Did you know folks keep track of things like tropical storms and hurricanes? Sure glad they do! While I didn't actually sit through a big hurricane, because of all this, I learned how to prepare for one! Seems Lynn is well used to what they call "hurricane season". Think for me? I'm glad it decided not to hit us. Whew!! Everyone ran around getting ready for the storm. People were putting up shutters on their windows. We did not have to because this house has hurricane impact windows. We thought that we would watch the storm roll by, but not this time. We caught a little bit of wind and very little rain.

    Look at all the things we did to get ready for the hurricane!

    Before hand, everything was moved indoors, gas grills were checked for propane, we shopped for bread and nonperishable foods, we already have a lot of water, we filled up the gas tanks in all the vehicles and took a little cash out of the bank just in case the ATMs were not working. Toilet paper, personal products and prescriptions are a big deal during and after a hurricane, so we checked supplies and all other paper supplies, including napkins, paper plates and plastic utensils. The bathtub was filled with water and ice filled the freezer. All lanterns and flashlights and portable TVs were taken out of storage and tested. We had boxes of batteries, so that was not a problem. All the laundry was done and the dishwasher was run for the last time until after the storm. We have to prepare for no electricity. You do not know when you are taking your last hot shower when these storms approach. The air conditioning was lowered to chill the house. If we lose power, it might stay comfortable for a day or two.

    And then

    We waited and waited, but thankfully Ernesto was a busto. It was not even a tropical storm by the time it got to south Florida, but I understand it is still a threat to the east coast and it will probably intensify. We missed two days of school, so the kids are going to be crazy when Miss Lynn returns (and they were!).

    I played around on Lynn's computer and found a great list for preparing for hurricanes. Lynn already knows all this without even thinking about it and made me feel very safe and snug. But if you don't have Lynn at your house to help you? That list from the National Hurricane Center might come in handy!

    Well - that's it for yet another set of memories!

    See you next time! :)
  • Heri Goes to School

    From: Heri
    Memories from: Late July 2006
    Location: In Florida with Lynn

    Yes, you read that right. I went to SCHOOL with Lynn! Here's a few of my journalings from that happy time. :)

    Journal Entry:
    We just started the summer reading program at a school in Palm Beach County and it is so much fun seeing the kids want to read.  They are really nice to me and some of them are studying my name and what it means.  They think it is so cool that I am traveling around the country.

    Many of them are from different countries around the world.  Some told me they are from Jamaica, Haiti, Mexico, Guatemala, Trinidad, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Canada, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and New York...ha!  Just kidding, I know that New York is a state.  Many of the students speak English and Spanish.  Some speak Creole, others speak Portugese.  They eat foods that are so delicious!  It is a lot of fun learning about their cultures.

    To be honest, I didn't know where all those places might be! And Lynn said these are just a few. Over 73 different places? Wow. I made a MAP to help me get my "bear"-ings! LOL

    Journal Entry:
    The girls think I am very cute. Some of the boys think I'm cool, but they tried to hide it. :) I watched the children as they read their books on different heritages. They all worked very hard this summer.

    I have other school memories too!

  • The teachers talked about everyone's heritage and how important it is to recognize and embrace our differences. They said we can learn so much from each other and share our traditions.

  • The students talked about where their families are from & shared foods they eat at home. They also talked about how they celebrated different holidays. It was fun! I met 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. :)

  • Many of the teachers here are talking about me in their classrooms as they all explore their heritage. I think that's great! :)

  • I went to a Literacy Tea for the parents of the school children. Just like with all the kids - and the teachers - I was introduced!

  • If this is what school is like, I'm all for it! :) Sure glad Lynn took me with her to meet all those great people. I'll remembers those kids sharing their family heritage stories and cultures for a long, long time. :)

    (I am practicing my Spanish...see you soon!)


    Back in Florida Again

    From: Heri
    Memories from July 2006
    Location: In Florida with Lynn

    Hi everyone! I left something behind for Grandma Ginny in CT as I headed out the door for Florida. Well? Somehow she managed to find it and stick it in my journal! So? Thought I'd share it with you.

    And now from: Lynn
    6 July 2006
    Heri arrived in south Florida today! Poor little guy was sitting out in the rain when my husband got home. Everything seems to be ok, including Heri.

    And a note from Diedra upon hearing of Heri's safe arrival:
    Glad Heri arrived safe at his next adventure. He certainly should be getting some frequent flyer points! Or at least get a stamp with his picture on it for all this traveling.

    And now - Heri again
    A bit later in July 2006

    I dried out quite nicely and began new adventures in Florida. Even went back to school but I'll tell you about that next time.

    I love it here with Lynn Her granddaughter Bryana came with her daddy to visit for a little while.  They were moving furniture out of her house.  Bryana wanted to put Dora sheets on her bed, so we did and she took a little nap.  Bryana loves playing with me.  She thinks I am very cute.
    Living in South Florida is so different from Connecticut.  There are lots of different kinds of birds here that we see in Lynn's backyard.  Some of them are over three feet tall!  There are beautiful white birds (egrets and ibis) that travel with their friends looking for food all day.  The sunsets are beautiful to see.

    It is very hot here this time of year, so we go out early in the day and then, later in the evening.  The air conditioner is constantly running, so it is nice and cool in the house.  Everyone grabs a cold bottle of water every time they go out the door.

    Ok, that's it for now. Next time I'll tell you all about the times Lynn brought me to school! What a lucky little bear I am! :)


    Last Days in Connecticut

    From: Heri
    June Memories 2006

    Hi everyone!

    Well, the month of June was fun in CT, but my visit was coming to a close. Here's a few more CT and Grandma Ginny memories ....

  • Remember that septic tank? Forgot to tell you I watched Bob dig a hole 3 ft by 3 ft - just to find it! After it was pumped out (liked seeing that big truck), a new cover went on at ground level. Grandma Ginny says it's pumped out every 3 years! Sure will be easier now instead of digging down for it each time. More country living! :)

  • Met Sandy who comes to mow the lawn. He rides around on his lawn mower. Seems much better than having to push one around - especially since there's a lot of yard to mow here! Nice fellow. :)

  • I ate something called brook trout. Carol & Pete brought it for us. Grandma Ginny says she ate supper all her life until her daughters became teenagers. Then they had dinner. Now? She is happy to have supper again! Me? I don't care what it's called, as long as we come together - and eat!

  • Been to doctor appts but also learned that sometimes folks come to Grandma Ginny's house to see how she's doing. Met a nice lady from the VNA. That's the Visiting Nurse Association. (See all the things I'm learning?) Well, during this visit, I found out Grandma Ginny has a pacemaker. Wow. Human beings come up with amazing things! Grandma Ginny says this literally makes her like the Energizer Bunny. It keeps her heart going! Wow! :)

  • Also learned that many Seniors take a lot of medicine. I sat on the kitchen table & watched Grandma Ginny set up two week's worth of pills in little boxes - four little flip boxes for each of those 14 days. I got really confused. So many look alike and they're each for something different! Grandma Ginny needs to use a good light and a hand magnifying glass to see the tiny numbers - to make sure they're all set up right. Sure glad I don't have to do that. But I cheered her on and soon, she was all organized for the next two weeks. :)

  • One day, we worked on a bulletin board display - to take orders for all the things handmade by the Ladies Group I told you about. Those push-pins tacks are hard to attach. Told Grandma my paw was getting sore, so she let me just watch! :)

  • We both made gift boxes out of used greeting cards. That was fun! She gave me one to keep. No .. make that two!

    It was getting to be time to leave. We decided together that I could travel again in the same box I arrived in. (thanks, Anna Marie!) The packing began. Had a great time that warm June with Grandma Ginny in Connecticut.

    Have to say it was different traveling this time though. Seems there's a US holiday called the 4th of July. Well, Grandma Ginny and her good friend Sue brought me to the Post Office on July 3rd - so I could travel to Florida again - this time to meet Lynn. Well? Lots of fireworks went off around the USA as I was in my box traveling! Couldn't see any of them, but I sure did hear them! :)

    Arrived licketdy split in Florida. Next time, I'll tell you about my days in another part of Florida and my heritage adventures with Lynn. :)

    Hugs from your,
    Heri Poh
  • CT Highlights

    From: Heri
    Heritage Memories from June 2006
    Location: CT

    I just talked (must be ESP) with Deb. She says that if I want to share a year's worth of memories with you, I've got to stick to the highlights! So, will try to tell you about my Journey in photos or lists. How's that? :)

    Some highlights in CT with Grandma Ginny

  • Living in the country means meeting up with animals! I've now seen deer, woodchuck and something else I never saw, but saw what they did. We found Grandma Ginny's garbage cans on their sides with stuff strewn all over. Those rascal racoons were here during the night. What a mess!

  • Went to a wedding. Both bride & groom were in their 50s. I had the best seat in the house. I was in Grandma Ginny's purse! :)

  • Met another nice friend, Marge. She's always on the go! One day, she took Grandma Ginny and I out for Chinese food at The Panda Restaurant. Yummmmmmmm!! Oh, and I got a fortune cookie that said "You love a challenge". Perfect for me!

  • Found out Grandma Ginny loves to make scrapbooks. As others at the Church Fellowship Hall in her Ladies Group work on baby quilts, table runners, wall hangings and more, she works on her scrapbooks. She uses donated old greeting cards, calendars and what she calls written words of comfort She just brought Scrapbook Number 11 down to the Little Oratory of the Way while I was here. These books circulate around the village and people even add little notes in a small book she has tucked in the front. Fun idea!

  • Met daughter number 3, Carol - her friend Pete - and their dog Buck. Sad news though, Buck got loose and was killed by a passing car on the road. Glad I was here to offer a bit of comfort and hugs all around.

  • Pastor Marian checks in often with Grandma Ginny. One day, we three went to a quaint restaurant American Pie then visited an elderly church member in her home. People are really caring around here. :)

  • Heard chirping. Nope, it wasn't birds. It was Grandma Ginny's smoke detector Seems when they want new batteries, they chirp for them! :)

  • More lessons about living in the country. I've learned about septic tanks in the back yard, new critters & sounds, village life and more. In the summertime, it's so green here!

  • And now it's time to head on my way! Til next round! :)

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    More CT Adventures

    From: Heri
    More Connecticut Adventures

    I learned a lot about living in a village when I visited Grandma Ginny. So many of you are working on your personal and family histories and hunting down ancestors. You find branches of your tree & make new connections to others. (I remember when I found a long lost BROTHER earlier in my travels because of you folks!)

    Well, neighbors and friends in a small village seem like extended family in many ways! Seems like people are always calling and dropping by - or calling to say "let's go do this .. or that". It's nice to see how much people here care about Grandma Ginny. And now, they've been looking out for me too! :)

    One day during my visit, there was a House Blessing Ceremony and a Church Ladies Group Get Together. I learned all about Methodists! Also saw that Grandma Ginny loves tuesday mornings when she spends time with her Ladies Group down at the church hall. They make all kinds of arts/crafts, then sell those during the year and at their annual Christmas event to raise money.

    Oh wait - I've got a photo here of one of those Ladies, Vicki, holding me! Reverand Marian is there too on the left and that's Grandma Ginny in the middle.

    Multiply these nice folks by "many" - and you'll know I met lots of friendly people in Connecticut! :)

    Heri Poh

    My Google Map!

    From: Heri
    October 2007

    I heard that Deb created a Google Map showing all my travels!

    Here's my MAP

    I've been to lots of places NOT on this map since so many of you took me on trips when I visited you! But I love having this map just the way it is, cuz it'll always show me .. and let me remember .. each of YOU who invited me into your homes and lives.

    Say - I think a paper printout of this map would be a great thing to add to my Traveling Heritage Express Journal

    Ok, have to get back to my sorting and sifting through all my stuff so I can share it with you. :)

    A wave from,

    Back in the Saddle Again! :)

    From: Heri Poh
    October 2007

    Hi everyone! Yes, I'm back in the saddle again! Well, actually, I'm floating around right now trying to make my way back from England to the United States. Can you believe it?

    Guess that alone tells you a LOT has gone on since I've shared my Heritage Adventures with you!

    While I'm traveling these thousands of miles back home, I've been thinking about (and re-living as I remember) all the wonderful folks I've met. I've got so much inside my first and present traveling boxes - in the photos and words many of you have shared - in the gifts you made for me - in the messages you sent - and in my little heart - that I can bear-ly think of any way to share it all with you - or say thank you!

    But this long trip back home is a perfect time to open my crayon box (and memory cells) - and share with all of you what I've been up to. :)

    Let's see. Last you knew, I was in CT with Grandma Ginny. More to tell of my time there. So? Here's my list for my Traveling Heritage Express

  • In Connecticut with Grandma Ginny
  • In Florida with Lynn
  • In California with Deb
  • In North Carolina with Mike
  • Back to Oregon for Thanksgiving & Xmas with MzViki
  • In Canada with Darcy
  • In England with Julie

  • So I am, back in the saddle, sharing yet more of my Heritage Journey with all of you!

    Nice to see you! And yes, I'm still having fun! :)

    Your grateful little Heri Poh

    Saturday, June 10, 2006

    Weather and Food

    Journal Entry - 10 June 2006
    From: Heri
    Location: Connecticut

    You know I arrived here in the midst of a thunderstorm. It's been raining ever since! But today? Happy day - the sun came out!

    No pets here, but several of her neighbors have cats and dogs. One cat often drops by. Ginny tells me there are other critters who visit .. deer ... racoon .. but I haven't seen any of those yet. So I'll say it now: I want to meet some CT Critters! Do you suppose now it will happen soon? :)

    I've met the special homemakers who come in to give Ginny a welcome hand. Nice folks & a big help for her. They support other older or disabled folks too. They have work and get income - and the folks they help are able to live in their own homes instead of nursing homes and such. Looks like it's a good thing for everyone. Ginny says I'm going to beome an expert on elder issues

    The other night we went to Bull's Bridge Inn just a few miles north of here to have what they call their Early Bird Special. Four of us there (counting me). Had a full course turkey dinner with potatoes and veggies - plus a salad bar - all for $8.95. Mmmmmmm, good!

    I think I'm going to go to church with Ginny tomorrow if she's feeling up to it and I've heard something about a Ladies Group that meets up on tuesday morning. We'll see what happens and I'll tell you all about it! :)

    Will write again soon.
    Your Heri Poh

    New Family Member

    Journal Entry for 8 June 2006
    From: Ginny
    Location: Connecticut

    My, Heri has so many stories of his travels! He's settled in here quite nicely and we've found we both like to tell stories So, looks like we're going to get on together quite well! :)

    I love his backpack, his sweaters & his scrapbooks I'll be adding to his scrapbook over the time that he's here.

    By the way, I don't get this computer jargon. What's a blog?

    I've decided that Heri is my adoptive grandson He can call me Grandma Ginny

    Have been thinking about what I might show him while he's here and things we might talk about and I'm sure he'll tell you all about it over the days ahead.

    It's great to have this little fellow here! :)

    Ginny in Connecticut

    I'm in Connecticut now! :)

    Journal Entry for 5 June 2006
    From: Heri
    Location: Connecticut

    Hi everyone! Well, as you see, I've left Alabama & have arrived in Connecticut.

    Anna Marie wrote about my Alabama adventures in the scrapbook I carry with me, but I do want to tell you that I learned a lot about people during that part of my journey - and many of the things you humans do to support each other. I'm pretty impressed. I also learned all about the VA Hospital. We did many 250 miles trips there while I was with Anna Marie.

    I was kind of scared when I first arrived in CT yesterday - June 3rd. There was a huge thunderstorm going on. The postal carrier set me down on something and left! Ginny found me the next day - just as she came home from church. I was on the picnic table on her front porch! I didn't get wet and when she opened my box, I found a smiling face. She brought me inside and made me feel welcome right away. Seems all you POH Hostesses must have that in common: warm & welcoming from the first moment I arrive!

    Ginny took me with her to a doctor's appointment. I listened to them talk about her rheumatoid arthritis I don't know if bears ever have that or not, but it sure doesn't sound like a fun thing! Her doctor was nice though and Ginny says I'm now learning about "senior issues" Sounds good to me. You all know by now how much I enjoy learning about different kinds of people, ways of living, cultures and places. Guess that's why we've called this my Heritage Express!

    Wonder what this CT part of my journey will be like and what Ginny's world is all about? I'll write again and let you know! :)

    Your Heri Poh

    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Travel List

    My Travel List
    From: Heri
    Location: Alabama

    Hi everyone! I'm still here in Alabama with Anna Marie. Soon, I'll be sharing what we've all been up to here! But right now? My travel list keeps getting longer and longer, so thought I'd share my newest additions with you. Any of you tracking my adventures on a map? How many miles have I traveled? (LOTS!) :)

    I've already written a list of all the places I'd visited - and all the POH Hostesses I'd met - starting way back on the 16th of January - and coming forward up to the 22nd of March. If you want to see those again? (Look at me - I've learned what my blog looks like! LOL) Click on April in my blog Archives then scroll down to my journal entry called Where I've Been so Far

    Now it's time for another travel list since I can bare-ly .. er .. bear-ly keep track! :)

    Date - Locations - Hello & Goodbye's to POH Hostesses

  • 10 April - Left Florida. Thanks, MzBJ!
  • 13 April - Arrived in Kansas. Hello, Liz!
  • In April – Visited Missouri while staying in Kansas.
  • 1 May - Left Kansas. Thanks, Liz!
  • 5 May – Arrived in Alabama. Hello, Anna Marie!

  • Just for fun? Here are all the states I've seen so far: Alabama, Florida (twice), Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Oregon, Tennessee & Wisconsin.

    I've met several POH Hostesses: MizViki, Laurie, Regina, Diedra, MzBJ, Liz and now Anna Marie.

    So my travel list - that I never imagined I'd ever have - comes down to this:
  • I've seen ten U.S. states
  • I've met seven members of the Preserving_Our_Heritage yahoogroup - my POH hostesses
  • I've been on the road for just under four months now!

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you ... for giving this little bear the opportunity to have my very own Traveling Heritage Express

    Your very own,
    Heri Poh

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    KS and MO memories - Part 3

    Journal Entry - 8 May 2006
    From: Liz
    Location: Kansas

    And here are the last two photos.

    Heri and the Red Hat Society

    He really enjoyed having lunch with the funny ladies that wear purple outfits & red hats!

    And the last photo:
    Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Luncheon

    Look just to the left of the flower on the table, and you'll see Heri.

    Also at the table? Liz (me!) and my daughter Lisa

    These 2 photos complete the wonderful images of Heri's time here. It's sort of sad not to know there are more coming! It means he's not here anymore.

    Heri, when you see all these, I hope they bring back happy memories for you!